GO. SEE. DO. Autographed Book

10 Life-Changing Quotes to Be Successful as a Young Professional. Includes Personal Dedication by the Author, Maika Janat.

Paperback, 112 pages, illustrated by Annalina Väth


Trying to launch your career and stay true to yourself? Discover how to create work you’re passionate about while living a more authentic life.

Has the daily grind worn down your hope to achieve your most essential goals? Do you want to be more than a cog in the corporate machine? An award-winning, internationally recognized event professional by the age of 31, author Maika Janat has worked with hundreds of new employees in all walks of life. Her own professional journey taught her how to find and hold onto the kind of person she wanted to be. And now she’s sharing her most empowering stories and words of wisdom to help you lock into your own truth too.

Go. See. Do. is a book that shows professionals of all ages how to create success, find happiness, and live their best life. Based on Janat’s own experiences, you’ll find practical advice that has worked for loads of young professionals seeking to achieve more. Packed to the brim with insight, you’ll learn how to go, see, and do much more on the path to creating a career and day-to-day life that you love.

This product will include a personal dedication from Maika. Please note delivery time can be delayed up to 10 days, and personalized books are excluded from returns.


In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How you can navigate difficult career choices by using your heart as your guide
  • How to harness your talents and resources to maximize your professional growth
  • How to earn your boss’s attention and respect as you prove yourself to be a valuable employee
  • How you can weather tough decisions and unfair play by staying true to your values
  • How to take time to honor yourself and meet your personal needs, and much, much more!

Go. See. Do. gives you the guidance you need to start your career the right way. If you like motivational advice, inspirational real-life stories, and authors who’ve cleared a path for you to follow, then you’ll love Maika Janat’s career-launching guide!

Buy Go. See. Do. to get on the fast track to professional fulfillment today!

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9 reviews for GO. SEE. DO. Autographed Book

  1. Nico Ubenauf, Founder and CEO, satis&fy

    It was an honor and true pleasure to see Maika evolve as a person and a leader throughout her journey in our company. I will never forget the energy and her determination at her first interview with us, applying for a job as an apprentice. She kept that energy alive and stayed true to herself throughout her entire high-speed development from apprentice, junior, project manager to managing director. Maika was able to capture some of that in her book to hopefully inspire others.

  2. Jessica Roy, Nike Global Category Planning

    In a world where it’s easy to assume career growth can be as complicated as a chess game, Maika shows us our best ladder is good, common sense. She succeeded when it seemed unlikely by living and breathing her Go. See. Do. attitude.

  3. Patrick Tyvand, Director of Operations NA, satis&fy LLC

    While reading Go. See. Do. I found no surprises, because the words fully reflect her leadership style. She is the real deal. The tips and advice she gives are based on her approach to building a team and business, and while working for Maika I witnessed the success.

  4. Fee Vogel, Founder and CEO of vitaminfee GmbH

    This is a book for everyone eager to be extraordinary, like Maika. A career does not come on a silver platter with benefits and a great work-life-balance on the side. But anyone can have one, and Maika‘s recipe is compellingly simple: follow your inner compass, and with the right attitude, dedication, and hard work you can move mountains. And this is something not only young professionals should read.

  5. Nancy Schacht, Global Director of Project Management, satis&fy

    Maika is a passionate business woman and has always managed to pursue her personal dreams and goals alongside her professional career. She has been a great mentor to a lot of young professionals. I wish her all the best for her future adventures as a professional and daring women.

  6. Eitan Wynalda, Creative Director, Lev Creations

    Honest, practical, and heartfelt is what makes this a must-keep-close-and-break-in-case-of-emergency personal navigation handbook. It will help all, not just to navigate a professional career, but, more importantly, to become a better person.

  7. Tona’ Broussard-Wilson, Executive Producer & CEO, Now&Zen Productions

    If there is one person in the world I would always trust to get things done and done right, it is Maika Janat. She is the ultimate professional with only one level—her absolute best! She is also kind, generous, and a pleasure with whom to work. Her book is full of powerful little gems that, if followed, can really make a positive difference in anyone’s career!

  8. James Montague, Nike, General Manager Football, UK/Ireland

    Maika has an incredibly authentic approach to business and represents what modern leadership is truly about. These insightful stories from her journey provide an incredibly inspiring backdrop for anyone starting out or feeling lost in their career!

  9. Sophie Matlé, Project Management, satis&fy, LLC

    This book is so eye-opening, authentic, ​and inspiring – I want to read it over and over again. Maika is a great role model, ​ and I am lucky I got to work with her. Her story is so magical, and it will be motivating to so many people, both ​young and older, ​from all over the world. This book is truly a gift for all people that are out there and want to go and get it!

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